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The Neighborhood

Our neighborhood is filled with incredible people who have a lot to teach us! We also want to help you with business news, tips, and random facts that help you be more interesting!

Feb 20, 2023

Gina and Taylor question their sanity as they talk about their upcoming expansion and all that comes with it. The new wellness component brings with it some interesting new adventures and a lot of exciting new opportunities for all of you! 

And as always, they talk about upcoming events and what's new in the world. 

Feb 13, 2023

We sat down with Dr. Tessa as she walked us through her academic journey into feminism, sexuality, and therapy. Like most people who learn she's a sex therapist, we immediately had a million questions for her! So sit back, relax, and as Salt-n-Pepa say... let's talk about sex baby. 

Feb 6, 2023

Gina, Taylor, and Bailey chat about artifical intelligence and entreprenurial wellness.