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The Journey

Welcome to THE JOURNEY! No one wants to travel life ... or work, ALONE.

Join us as we share random facts, tips for busienss, interview amazing entrepreneurs and fascinating people and have fun along the way. Welcome to THE JOURNEY! 

Nov 23, 2022

Gina and Taylor take to the mic for some holiday trivia and facts that are sure to make you cooler at you next party.

ephemeral tattoos
Pop-Tarts Drury Lane Challenge
Find your unclaimed property
All The Hacks Podcast
Thanks for Waiting...

Nov 7, 2022

We finally got long time member, Heather Lutze, in the studio to tell us all about her new project and upcoming big stage debut! 

But this week, we not only had a wonderful human guest... but her sweet four legged friend Gracie joined us in all her snaggle-toothed glory. 



Oct 31, 2022

Need a ride to the airport? Maybe you're driving there right now as you listen to this episode! Jentrey will not only take you there with the best 5-star service, but she will also step in as your therapist should you need it. 

She can salsa dance, she's a therapist, she nails halloween costumes, she is starting her own...

Oct 24, 2022

Darcy Nelson sat down with us and took us down to music town. She talked to us about her "music is medicine" theory and took us along on her incredible journey from Tacoma, to Moab, to Denver. 

Grab some headphones and hang out with us for this fun episode!