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The Journey

Welcome to THE JOURNEY! No one wants to travel life ... or work, ALONE.

Join us as we share random facts, tips for busienss, interview amazing entrepreneurs and fascinating people and have fun along the way. Welcome to THE JOURNEY! 

Jan 13, 2020

As a single mom of two, Stephanie stumbled upon real estate investing and has turned it into her dream career. Stephanie is the founder of New Heights Investment Group as well as the cohost of Frenzied to Financial Freedom podcast. Stephanie helps others enter the world of passive income through real estate.  Learn...

Jan 6, 2020

Since most people ditch their New Year's Resolutions before the 3rd week in January we have success coach, Nathalie Pamondon-Thomas with us to talk about how to rewire our brains once and for all! 

Connect with Nathalie at or on most social sites @ThinkYourselfAcademy